Simple solutions for busy lives

Simple solutions for busy lives

Being busy Mums ourselves we know how crucial time is. Mum’s have an exhausting job and are often playing various roles. Balancing life for so many of us is a blend of both satisfaction and stress.

We wanted to create a quick and easy way to give yourself some much deserved TLC, by formulating products that do more with less. When formulating our products convenience was a major factor. We needed products that were multifunctional, travel friendly, and safe for the whole family. 

- Multi-tasking is a virtue for the time poor person. No one has time to be fiddling around with various different lotions and potions. 

- Travel friendly products that are easy to use, means you can apply it in a car, on the beach at the local park.

- One product that be used on Mum and child can use is a great way to declutter and simplify your routine.

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