We hope that future generations will be able to enjoy the magic of
Mother Nature as we have.

Hence using fewer resources, with less waste is an integral part of Oak + Iā€™s business ethos.
In our attempt to have a positive impact on the planet we have made multiple ethical and sustainable decisions to lower our carbon footprint the whole way through our supply chain.

Sourcing products & formulating

Wherever possible we source and purchase our ingredients locally and in bulk to reduce greenhouse gases.

Everything we use has a purpose and we've made sure to formulate our products to be multiuse, saving the need for various products and packaging.

Manufacturing and Packaging

When manufacturing we use fully biodegradable gloves and all natural sanitisation products and wash cloths.

The packaging we do provide is either compostable, recyclable or reusable.

Continuous Improvement

An ongoing effort is put in to making sure Oak + I remains a sustainable and environmentally friendly business - next on our list is to establish our very own glass bottle and jar recycling programme, to make it easier for you to dispose of your empties the right way.